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Knowledge comes from learning.   Wisdom comes from knowledge and experience.  After four decades we have experienced the ups and downs of the economy and how it impacts the markets.   We've seen first hand how people react during different economic times.  According to numerous studies, the average investor has significantly under-performed the market*. 

Some investment firms promote active investment managers while other firms promote passive managers.   Active managers will argue their goal is to find the better performing investments while eliminating those they feel will be losers.  Passive investment managers will argue that active managers with higher expenses have under-performed passive investments. 

At PATH Wealth Management, we understand the arguments of both camps and their biases.  We believe both types of managers have their strong points and weak points.  Studies show the main contributor of investor under-performance isn't caused by using active managers or passive managers.  Our experience tell us the reasons are numerous.  Here are some of the more common contributors to under-performance.   

  • Lack of understanding the academics and history of the market
  • Lack of understanding of behavioral finance and how it affects one's investment decision
  • Not understanding that every account within a household should have it's own unique time frame and risk profile which drives the Asset Allocation
  • Passive and Active investments vs Passive and Active allocations
  • Lack of implementing or poorly managing their asset allocation

We will help you understand all the investment tools. Our process gives you a sense of confidence and calm as you work to grow your assets and strive to attain your goals.  

* DALBAR’s Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior for 2015