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In a broad sense, in life we want to make good decisions and minimize the frequency of bad ones.  Most people who are honest with themselves can probably recall an instance of “would have, could have or should have."  At PATH Wealth Management our goal is to minimize these type of occurrences.

Unfortunately, most financial and investment decisions are made in a silo or vacuum with little consideration of how they might impact other aspects of your long term financial plan, if they even have one.  We are sometimes too close to the forest so we can't see the trees. Every financial decision we make impacts several other aspects of our financial life.  While we would all like life to be simple, successful people understand the issues can be complex. 

Just like the field of medicine, there are multiple disciplines with highly specialized professionals.  Some of the greatest successes in medicine came from a holistic approach, where specialists from many areas came together to create an integrated holistic approach to their patient's well-being.  We believe a holistic approach helps increase the likelihood of not just a good decision, but helps people make better decisions and improve their quality of life. 

At PATH, your trusted advisors i.e. CPA and Attorney are important team members to help you reduce taxes, transfer wealth, and attain better outcomes.