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When it comes to investing, we at PATH Wealth Management believe a “one size fits all” approach is biased advice.   When an advisor or institution promotes proprietary investments and the same recommendation to each client, we see it as biased and not objective.  The intent of advertising is to influence the audience into believing what they are hearing is unequivocal absolute facts.  There’s never been a time in the history of mankind where so much information is readily available about everything, including investments.  Yet, separating fact from fiction or truth from half-truth has never been more difficult.    

At PATH we’re passionate about doing what is in the best interest of our clients and to do so we are committed to the following:

  • Objective Advice - that’s why we’re an independent firm, unaffiliated with any company that manufactures and promotes investment products.      
  • We hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard and are committed to doing what we believe is in your best interest, not just what is suitable. 
    • We use institutional shares with lower internal investment expense compared to their retail counter parts that typically pay commissions and/or have higher internal fees.
  • Providing objective advice and embracing the proper use of all financial products and tools including passive and active investment products.  
  • Open architecture allows us to access and strategically use the likes of the most widely recognized companies and management platforms available.  
    • Vanguard, BlackRock, American, Dimensional, Russell, Franklin Templeton, State Street Global, J.P. Morgan
  • Open and clear transparency of fees

We bring a long term focus and a disciplined approach to managing money though the ups and downs of the market.