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Protect means different things to many people.   To many it is making sure they have adequate property and casualty insurance for their autos, home and business.  For others it is about protecting their family and their income through life, disability and long term care insurance.   From an investment perspective, protection means getting as much of the upside in the market while minimizing the downside when markets drop.  Once people are successful at building an estate, protect means minimizing the negative effect of taxes and settlement costs.  

As Financial Planners our role is to help our clients address each of these concerns.  Understanding your risk tolerance and time horizon and maintaining the appropriate asset allocation is the first step to help protect your portfolio.  Adequate insurance is an important underpinning for financial security.  Likewise, we have never seen real wealth created by spending all your money on insurance.  A well thought out approach to risk management and your risk budget can have a significant impact on what you can accumulate while protecting your wealth.

PATH Wealth Management can navigate these issues with you through the various stages of life.  PATH can help provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you've addressed the major contingencies of life.