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As we start our fifth decade we have had the privilege of working from cradle to grave in good markets and bad markets.  At the core most people accumulate wealth for their own financial security and those immediately around them. 

While some will establish beneficiaries on their retirement accounts and maybe create wills and guardianship arrangements when they have young children, the real transfer planning is typically deferred to retirement or, sadly in many cases, doesn’t get addressed at all.  Unfortunately, this means a lifetime of missed planning opportunities to minimize taxes, accumulate more wealth, and transfer more efficiently.

Even some of the most prudent people, who routinely monitor and manage their portfolios, short change their financial security and increase their taxes and expenses by not financial planning throughout their lives. 

Our holistic approach that includes working with your other trusted advisors (e.g., CPA, Attorney and Trust officer) can help improve portfolio efficiency, reduce the impact of taxes and help transfer assets to your heirs with less shrinkage.